Grants Overview

The Cloudsplitter Foundation’s primary focus is the greater Adirondack Region. At least 70% of our grants must go to this region by charter. Grant requests for capital campaigns will be regarded more favorably if they are a matching grant and the resulting structure or facility has a significant impact on the community. Lowest priority will be given to grants seeking to build an endowment or reserves.

Types of Grants

Program/Project Support Grants

These grants are to support a well-defined project or program that has a defined need, budget, and associated supporting documentation. There is no upper limit on such grants, but they are generally limited to 20% of the project or program’s cost.  “Last money in” grants can be as much as 30% of the project or program cost but 70% must be raised before the Foundation grant is payable.

Mission Support Grants

These grants support a not-for-profit’s operating costs and not specific projects or programs.  Eligible grantees must meet the Cloudsplitter Foundation’s strategic objectives and be approved by the board at one of our quarterly meetings.  Once known to the foundation grantees can request recurring annual support based on simple reporting.  Missions support grants are limited to $5,000 per year.  

Rapid Response Grants

These grants are made at the sole discretion of our director.  They are primarily for urgent needs that arise between grant review meetings.  They are limited to $5,000.  To request such a Rapid Response grant contact our Director, Chenelle Palyswiat.

Childcare Excellence Awards

Childcare Excellence Awards of $2,000 are available for each step of a five-step childcare quality improvement program administered by QUALITYstarsNY.

Other Grants and Loans

One-time Emergency Sustenance Awards.  These ESAs are special-purpose grants to rescue mission-critical local not-for-profits rendered financially unstable or at risk of failure by unusual circumstances such as the pandemic. ESAs require a complete grant application and board review but have no cap. 

Short-term bridge loans. The Foundation will make short-term secured loans to help recipients of federal or state grants pursue a project that requires completion before the state or federal money can be claimed.  Such loans have minimal interest rates but must be collateralized by the future award or some existing asset.

Requesting Grants

 Our board meets four times a year, in April, July, October, and December. (To accommodate for our board retreat, there will be no October 2022 grant review. The next cycle will be our year-end grant review with applications due November 15th.) Grant requests received by 5pm the 15th of the month preceding our meeting will be considered at the meeting that follows and awards made will be disbursed within thirty days thereafter.  Grant applications received after 5pm the 15th day of the month preceding our meeting month will be considered at the subsequent meeting.

Making requests far enough in advance to allow a site visit by a trustee or staff member will enhance chances of success.

If applying, please consider the following funding guidelines:

  • Grant requests with a clear strategic purpose, have leverage (e.g., attracting other funders), and generate maximum environmental or community returns from the grant will be given the highest priority.   
  • Organizations that have previously received funds from the Cloudsplitter Foundation and have reported progress/success regularly will be given precedence in subsequent requests.
  • Grant requests for capital campaigns will be regarded more favorably if they are a matching grant and the resulting structure or facility has a significant impact on the community.                     
  • Grants are generally limited to no more than 20% of a project budget.                     
  • Lowest priority will be given to grants seeking to build an endowment or reserves.     
  • Although the Cloudsplitter Foundation cannot give to for-profit businesses, we can support certain municipal redevelopment projects if through a local redevelopment corporation.  Click here for more details.

Priority grants will:

  • Have a clear strategic purpose, leverage (e.g., attracting other funders)
  • Generate maximum environmental or community returns 
  • Help under-served populations and those with the greatest need 
  • Be collaborative (between organizations and/or government)
  • Go to prior grantees who have performed against their grant criteria
  • Address the stresses on our local food supply, healthcare, childcare, and small businesses

In addition, for small annual gifts, mail solicitations are accepted from accredited local charities without special documentation.

Fiscal sponsors: we can accept grant requests from a 501c3 registered charity acting as a fiscal sponsor for a not-for-profit lacking 501c3 status.  The ultimate grant recipient must be a legitimate charity and cannot be a for-profit entity

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