Category Cloudsplitter Updates

The Cloudsplitter Foundation is looking for its first Executive Director. The job spec is linked here.

Hardship Grants

Cloudsplitter Foundation knows members of our community face financial hardships & we are committed to showing them we care. Learn why we partnered with Canary to offer access to cash grants for the community when they need it most.

Diane Fish Elected Trustee

The Cloudsplitter Foundation has elected (1/9/22) Diane W. Fish to its board of Trustees.  Diane recently retired from the Adirondack Council, where for 20 years she led development efforts and the organization as a whole, including as acting Executive Director.…

Our New Trustee

Cloudsplitter Foundation has added Holly Wolff to our board.  Holly has been serving as our volunteer Director of Special Projects. After a 34-year IBM career she chaired the board of Pendragon Theatre, serves as a trustee and Secretary of Adirondack…