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Foundation Results, 2019

Increasing Impact Created a Human Well-Being advisory panel to initiate projects that could improve the lives of our fellow Adirondack citizens Hired a Grants Advisor to help Adirondack not-for-profits find funding Created recurring mission support grants Supported the Adirondack Funders’…

Foundation Results, 2018

Distributed $1,260,707, 5.2% of assets, to 113 grantees Lost $1,059,818 on investments (-4.37%) vs. DJIA loss of -5.2%  [N.B: All of the December losses were recouped in January] Year-end assets totaled $21,801,222 Spent 0.39% of assets on administration

Foundation Results, 2017

Distributed $1,496,908, 6.55% of assets, to 112 grantees Earned $2,841,155 on investments (12.77%) Year-end assets totaled $23,489,253 Spent 0.36% of assets on administration

Foundation Results, 2016

The Foundation’s investments earned $1,234,438 in 2016, a net investment return of 5.52%.  Grants made totaled $1,188,721 or 5.32% of starting assets. Administrative expenses were 0.15% of assets.