Cloudsplitter Foundation
Position Available: Executive Director
The Cloudsplitter Foundation is seeking its first Executive Director, who will work with the Board of
Directors, Advisory Council, and current staff to determine ways that the Foundation’s assets can be
applied with maximum leverage. The position is based in the Adirondack’s Tri-Lakes region. Work will be
home-based with as-needed office services in Saranac Lake, NY until remote working is insufficient to
achieve the Foundation’s goals.
The Cloudsplitter Foundation is dedicated to improving the future for the environment, communities,
and people of the Adirondacks. The organization was formed as a family foundation 501c3 charity in

  1. In the subsequent four decades, the Foundation has evolved from a founder-dominated charity to
    an organization that represents the broad needs of the Adirondack community. Through its strategic
    giving, leadership grants, and funded projects, both responsive and self-initiated, the organization
    collaborates with local communities and other foundations to effect meaningful change.
    From 2011-2023, the Foundation distributed over $12 million to hundreds of recipients in the
    Adirondack region via three annual responsive grantmaking cycles, in addition to ongoing self-initiated
    programs, and smaller rapid response grants. The current asset base is $34 million, which is expected
    to increase significantly in time.
    Essential Duties
  • Implement the Foundation’s philanthropic mission and strategy by working with the Board to
    refine and implement its strategic plan; manage and help design self-initiated grantmaking
    programs; build partnerships with other funders, agencies, individuals to attain success with
    programs; and, develop strategic partnerships to further increase leverage and expand
  • Oversee daily operations of the Foundation, providing executive direction for program strategies
    and efficiencies, compliance, and quality assurance.
  • Oversee and support the work of the Foundation’s Grants Director and Grants Advisor, and
    manage comprehensive and intelligible grant tracking and impact measures.
  • Work with advisors and the Finance Committee on portfolio investment strategies, portfolio
    management, and preparation of the annual budget.
  • Increase awareness of the organization by being the main spokesperson and liaison with
    regional media, statewide and national philanthropic coalitions, regional task forces, and the
    general public.
  • Oversee the website, content, and social media to build awareness and engagement.
  • Supervise data management and user access controls and oversee security policies and
  • Manage personnel including hiring, recruitment, and mentoring, annual personnel reviews,
    compensation plans, benefit selection and management, professional development and training
    of new trustees and advisors in coordination with the Governance Committee.
  • Oversee legal and accounting services.
  • Work with external resources, partners and foundations to achieve objectives including
    assistance to county, state, and local government and officials on projects that meet the
    Foundation’s criteria.
  • Manage and support the Board Chair with meeting planning, reporting, and implementation
    board approved hiring, projects, and other functions as requested.
    Minimum Qualifications
  • Four-year college degree or better, or equivalent experience.
  • Prior management experience.
  • Proven leadership and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience both seeking and making grants.
  • Strong knowledge of financials and financial forecasting documents.
  • Excellent IT user skills (Office 365, etc.)
    Other Considerations
    Creative thinking, innovation, diplomatic skills, relationship building, and a passion for philanthropy, are
    important prerequisites. Applicants are expected to have a strong personal knowledge of the
    Adirondack region and the challenges the communities face, and will preferably live locally, but if not
    currently located in the Tri-lakes area some relocation support will be considered.
    Salary Range and benefits
    The board has approved a competitive total starting package depending on applicant experience,
    qualifications, and benefits desired (healthcare, retirement, etc.). All job-related expenses including
    travel and living, including the use of a (required) personal automobile will be reimbursed, as will any
    other approved job-related costs.
    Applications must include a cover letter along with reasons why this job both appeals and fits the
    applicant’s background and aspirations. Applicants should include a complete educational and job
    history with an explanation of the reasons for job changes.